Sunday, October 23, 2011


Editor's note: "I guess there's nothing wrong in acting like a simple-minded idiot, if that's what you're being paid to do," Dad wrote as the introduction to this poem.

A little nonsense, now and then,
Is relished by the best of men;
And very rare indeed is one
Who can't enjoy a bit of fun.

Through the ages, fools have known
A favored place before the throne;
For even monarchs like to smile,
And be amused once in a while.

Ancient peoples tried to bring
Some entertainment to their king;
And sought to add a lighter touch
By hiring jokers, fools and such.

History tells us George the Third
Was quite a crusty, sad old bird;
But had a jester on his staff,
To horse around, and make him laugh.

Queen Victoria, even she
Had not one royal fool, but three!
It took some doing to erase
That sour expression from her face.

Modern leaders hesitate
At hiring Jokers Designate;
But that's okay, for quite a few
Are in the House -- and Senate, too!

--Acres of Verse (1994)

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