Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Editor's Note: In his younger days, Dad didn't let much grass grow under his feet when it came to traveling. Mention just about any state, and he'd been there. He spent time working at an advertising agency in New York City, and he was fond of recalling his days "punching cows" along the Rio Grande River in Texas. But through it all, he remained rooted in the Buckeye State -- and this poem is one reason he called Ohio his home sweet home.

Of places where they've traveled,
People like to brag and boast,
And tell us all about the food
That they enjoyed the most.

I've dined in New York restaurants,
With all their fine cuisines,
I've eaten Creole chicken
'Way down in New Orleans.

New Brunswick offers lobster,
And delicious steamer clams,
And there's nothing beats the flavor
Of those good Virginia hams.

There are lots of other places,
From my travels I recall,
But right here in Ohio
Is the place that beats 'em all.

And those fancy eating places,
Give me no desire to roam,
For there's none can offer better
Than the meals I get at home.

And there's something really special
At my favorite eating place,
For across our kitchen table
Is a very special face!

--Autumn Acres (1982)

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