Sunday, December 6, 2009


Editor's Note: Dad derived an enormous amount of inspiration from my mother, on whom he based the "Lucy" in his poems (sometimes loosely, sometimes not). But for better or worse, they remained in it together for more than 60 years. This little ditty sums up the whole situation pretty well.

I have my favorite stations,
On radio and TV
But the one I listen to the most
Is W-I-F-E.

I hear it every morning,
And I hear it all day long;
No matter what the weather is,
It comes in loud and strong!

I never have to tune it in,
For that is automatic;
But I'll admit I often get
An awful lot of static!

I sometimes hear a lecture,
Or the latest local news,
And often chew my fingernails
While I listen to the blues.

I may complain, but I'll accept
The bitter with the sweet;
All in all, W-I-F-E
Is pretty hard to beat!

--Square Marbles (1978)

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