Sunday, November 22, 2009


Editor's note: My wonderful mother had an interesting habit: She always had a glass of Coca-Cola at the ready. First thing in the morning, she'd pour some over ice and set it on the kitchen sink. As she cooked our family's requisite three squares a day and cleaned up afterward, she'd stop every once in a while to take a sip or two. In the evening, assuming she had a few minutes left over after doing her chores, she'd sit on the sofa (we called it a "davenport") to watch the 11 p.m. news. By then, her Coke wasn't much more than melted ice with a hint of light brown color, but woe be the person who suggested that she throw it out. When I started this blog, my cousin Judy told me that her favorite poem of my dad's had something to do with Coca-Cola. Judy, I hope this is the one you meant -- but even if it isn't, I sure do love all the memories it brings back!

Human faults and frailties,
There are none of us without,
And Lucy has a little one
I'll tell you all about.

She never uses alcohol,
And neither does she smoke,
But she beats the bugs a-fightin'
When it comes to drinkin' Coke!

I buy it by the gallon,
And she drinks it by the quart;
I guess she's got a hollow leg,
Or something of the sort.

I'll have to go and see the
Coca Cola folks, I think,
And run a pipe directly
To a faucet in our sink!

I don't complain about it
To her face, you understand--
She could get a little nasty
With that bottle in her hand!

But her idea of Heaven,
And this isn't any joke,
Would be a tiny island,
In an ocean full of Coke!

--Square Marbles (1978)

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  1. This is absolutely my favorite of my dear Uncle Harold's poems, probably because it does remind me so much of my Sweet Sweet Aunt Gigi....