Monday, November 16, 2009


Editor's note: Dad always tried to do the right thing, and he was forever doing it for other folks as well as our own family. Perhaps this poem explains why.

A pilgrim came to Heaven's gate,
We'll call him Richard Roe;
I'd say, an average sort of guy,
As average people go.

Mr. Roe felt confident
He had it in the bag,
But when they opened up the book
It seems he hit a snag!

St. Peter said, "It makes me sad,
Your entrance to deny,
But under our admission rules,
You fail to qualify."

He said, "This really doesn't show
You've been a wicked sort;
But yet, when all is totaled up,
It has you falling short.

"No evil deed, or deadly sin
Appears, year after year;
That you have led an honest life
Has been recorded here.

"It names the wrongs you didn't do,
But here's the catch, my son:
This book contains an awesome list
Of things you should have done!

--Eighty After Eighty (1995)

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