Sunday, April 8, 2012


Editor's note: It's Easter Sunday, but last night I heard the TV weather guru mention the "s" word. Yes, it's possible we'll see more of the white stuff before Spring really settles in. I sure can identify with Dad's point of view in this poem!

There's nothing so crisp as a winter scene,
Created by new-fallen snow,
Nothing so bright as a big full moon
That shines on the picture below.

There's nothing so brisk as a winter stroll
Down a snow-covered village street,
Nothing so sharp as the crackling sound
And the crunching under your feet,

Or a tramp through the woods on a frigid day,
'Mid the stark and frost-laden trees,
Where the branches droop in their hoary garb,
And creak in the bone-chilling breeze.

Icicles garnish the orchard fence,
And gleam in the morning rays,
Nothing is more impressive to see
Than the sparkle of winter days.

Nobody knows just how many snows
The rest of the season will bring,
And no one's so sick of this weather as me--
How I long for the coming of spring!

--Autumn Acres (1982)

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