Sunday, September 5, 2010


Editor's note: This really was Dad's "take" on life -- and a bit of advice that makes sense to me as well!

I'll never lament,
As some people will,
Bemoaning the fact
That they're over the hill.
Though somewhat the worse
From the wear and the tear,
I'm not ready yet
For the old rocking chair!

I'm not looking backward
But looking instead
To the rest of my life
That lies up ahead.
I can think of a million
Things to be done,
And I know I'm still able
To have lots of fun;

There's no use to mope
And complain of our plight.
We can't change the past,
But the future, we might.
Though I couldn't run back
Up that hill if I tried,
I can live all the way
Down the opposite side!

--Autumn Acres (1982)

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