Sunday, March 18, 2012


Editor's note: "I guess everyone likes to put on the dog a little bit, but different people do it in different ways," Dad wrote as the introduction to this poem. "While some go for things as modern as next year's hat, others spend their hard-earned shekels for bits of antiquity."

Some folks like to have the latest
Style in everything they own,
While others search the universe
For older things to fill their home.
To have whatever you would like,
I must admit, is very nice;
And it's all right with me, of course,
If you can stand to pay the price.

Ancient things are bringing more
Than if the stuff were made of gold;
With prices high up in the sky,
It's worth a lot because it's old.
My Lucy says she doesn't care
For antique furniture and such,
No early period things for her,
She much prefers the modern touch.

We don't have real expensive things,
Or spend a lot to decorate
Our little home; it's only that
She likes to keep it up to date.
When something starts to show its age,
She goes and trades it in, you see;
I guess the only worn-out thing
She keeps around the house is me!

Hominy Grits (1986)

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