Sunday, February 12, 2012


Editor's note: "The family that can remain on good terms after settling up an estate is a flock of rare birds," Dad wrote as the introduction to this poem. "I'm not going to worry very much about how my estate is divided. The way it looks now, what I leave behind won't be enough to cause much of a fuss."

Some people pinch their nickels hard,
And it seems that they intend
To accumulate the most they can
For somebody else to spend.

They do their very best to gain
Another buck for adding on
The pile they aim to leave behind
After they are dead and gone.

I, too, had dreams of gaining wealth,
And building up a great estate,
But, in the way of getting rich,
I haven't done so well to date.

I gave up trying, long ago,
To keep my bank account replete,
Sometimes it's more than I can chew
Just in making both ends meet.

I've never worried very much
About the money I'll be leavin'
In fact, the way it looks right now,
I'll be lucky if I come out even!

--Autumn Acres (1982)

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